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SET Defined:

Established in 1998 in response to parental concerns; SET works to gather information in order to identify strengths, and areas of improvement regarding the twelve characteristics of an effective school.  SET acts as an avenue of communication for suggestions, ideas, and concerns raised by parents, faculty, staff and students.  School Effectiveness Team members skillfully blend diverse experiences and viewpoints into wise, effective decisions for St. Mary's Elementary School.

Mission Statement:

The School Effectiveness Team serves as a representative group working to improve the quality of education for all St. Mary's Elementary School students.

Characteristics of an Effective School:

1.  Has a clearly defined Catholic identity
2.  Maintains a positive school climate
3.  Has an established planning process
4.  Has clearly defined academic goals
5.  Has clearly defined curricula
6.  Has an established system of monitoring student progress
7.  Maintains teacher/staff effectiveness
8.  Allows for parent and community involvement
9.  Has strong and competent administrative leadership
10. Allows for student responsibility and partiipation
11. Provides rewards and incentives
12. Maintains order and discipline