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What Is RaiseRight?

The RaiseRight Program is an easy, user-friendly way to shop, using gift cards and certificates instead of cash. St. Mary’s offers families the opportunity to help keep tuition costs down by purchasing through RaiseRight!

The profit from your purchases is allocated 100% towards your tuition cost until the maximum benefit is reached and then 50/50 split between SME and tuition thereafter. The maximum benefit is $250 for the eldest student and $100 per enrolled student thereafter. You can reduce your tuition all year long!!

The earning quarters run from March 16th - June 15th (Quarter 1), June 16th – September 15th (Quarter 2), September 16th – December 15th (Quarter 3), and December 16th – March 15th (Quarter 4), with the statements being calculated based on the most recent RaiseRight order date.


Potential Earnings Example:

Vendor          Card Value   Profit %         Purchased               Purchases    Earned

Tops               $100               5%                  2                                  $200               $10

Tim Horton’s $10                  5%                  2                                  $20                 $1

Walmart         $25                 2.5%               1                                  $25                 $.63

Delta Sonic   $15                 50%                1                                  $15                 $7.50

Frank’s           $25                 20%                2                                  $50                 $10    

Weekly Total                                                                                     $310               $29.13

Monthly Total                                                                                                            $116.52

Annual Total                                                                                                            $1,398.24

Please take into consideration the places that you normally shop and dine, including purchasing your gasoline at Tops (gift cards accepted at pump) using RaiseRight gift cards. With just a little planning you can save hundreds!


RaiseRight may be purchased in the following ways:

ORDER – Orders placed on Monday will be sent home on Friday of that week. Any cards available through RaiseRight, as well as the local vendors ordered directly by SME, can be purchased. These orders can be sent in with your child or dropped in any of our secure lock boxes outside the school office and in the back of the church. Orders will be sent home as soon as they can be filled.  Payment must accompany your order in the form of cash, or a check made payable to “St. Mary’s Elementary School.”

PURCHASE AT THE RAISERIGHT OFFICE – An inventory of RiseRight cards is maintained and may be purchased within their office hours: Tuesday 9:00-12:00, Wednesday 12:30-2:30, Friday 8:00am-12:00pm. If not in stock, they will be ordered on the following Monday.

ONLINE – is free online card ordering. Using this feature, you can order from home and send in your payment, reload funds onto gift cards you have already purchased, print your own eGift cards, and pay for your order with PrestoPay or a credit card.

RAISE RIGHT FUNDRAISING APP - a new, extremely user-friendly way to buy your cards on the go! Instructions for downloading the app are available on the RaiseRight website.

Joining our RaiseRight Program/Online Payment Information

Creating an Account is a convenient way for families to order cards. If you are interested in enrolling in, please email the information below to the RaiseRight Team at Once the information is received and processed, you will receive an email from the RaiseRightTeam providing the enrollment code.

Information needed: Family name, family ID number (provided upon registration within the school), phone number, home address, and email address.

  • Earn anytime, anywhere with the RaiseRight Fundraising App
  • Shop all card types (700+ brands)
  • Save your favorites for quick access
  • Browse bonuses that are updated weekly
  • Manage gift card purchases, check your balance and more, all on the app
  • Link your bank account (PrestoPay)
    • Set up an account in a matter of minutes
    • Create a unique PIN to keep your account safe
    • $0.15* fee on each transaction
      • *fees subject to change and are managed by RaiseRight
  • Pay with your credit card:
    • Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are accepted ($2.6% fee on each transaction)

Start saving on your tuition today!

Please feel free to email the RaiseRight team with any questions at