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From October 1st, 2017 to October 31st, 2017, the SCRIP rebate profited earned for the school was $867.76. To help ensure that our SCRIP program continues to assist with our tuition costs, we would like to earn at least $1,500.00 per month in SCRIP profit. As you know, these funds are allocated directory to the school to help keep the tuition costs down.
SCRIP Challenge:
Our average profit from SCRIP sales is ~ 5% so this makes our monthly goal ~$30,000 in SCRIP gift card sales. $30,000 is a lot, but we all know that many hands make light work.
When we work together on this monthly goal, it is less than a $200 purchase in gift cards per family, per month, through the SCRIP program. Since SCRIP cards can be purchased for TOPS gasoline, TOPS groceries, Amazon, Tim Horton's, paying your Kohl's bill, etc; I am sure we can all find easy ways to help with this goal. Each week we will update what we have sold towards the monthly goal of $30,000 in SCRIP sales. 
We have placed a locked box outside the SCRIP office and at the back of the church so that you can drop off orders whenever it is convenient for you! 
Thanks for your support in making the SCRIP program a success to our school, our Parish and for our children!
Please contact the SCRIP office at to find out how you can support this fundamental program. 


SCRIP Program

SCRIP offers you the incentive to reduce your tuition!  The profit from your purchases will be allocated 100% towards your family's tuition until you reach a cap of $300.00.  Once you reach the $300.00 cap, your profits will be allocated 100% towards your tuition.  Rebates add up quickly!


What Is SCRIP?

Scrip and ShopWithScrip Explained

Scrip may be purchased in the following ways:

ORDER  - Orders can be placed Monday - Friday (by 10:00am) will be sent home on Friday of that week.  Any SCRIP cards available through Great Lakes SCRIP, as well as the local vendors ordered directly by SME, can be purchased.

PURCHASE AT SCHOOL - A limited inventory of the more popular SCRIP cards is maintained in the school office and may be purchased during scheduled SCRIP selling hours (Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 AM - 10 AM). Additionally, orders may be sent in with your child on Tuesday through Friday and the cards are available, they will be sent home with your child on Wednesday or Friday.

ONLINE  - is free online SCRIP ordering.  Using this feature, you can order from home and send in your payment, reload funds onto SCRIP gift cards you have already purchased, print your own SCRIPNow eGift cards and pay for your order with PrestoPay.  See the ShopwithSCRIP enrollment form for additional details.

Scrip Links:

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Shop With SCRIP Enrollment Form

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