Greetings, SME Family,

Our summer here at SME has been extremely busy!  From renovating classrooms to meet our increased enrollment needs to putting the finishing touches on our summer advancement project, to evolving our curriculum, all of us at St. Mary’s have worked diligently to ensure that our school continues to flourish. 

Our preschool program is at capacity and now occupies an entire wing of our school! We have purchased new furniture, learning materials, and toys for our classrooms, and are excited to be able to work with an even larger number of our youngest students!  So much of our mission is to build the social and emotional skills of our students, as we also strive to create and broaden our community at large.  It has been heartwarming to welcome so many new faces to the SME family, and we excitedly await the opportunity to serve families new to St. Mary’s.  If you, a family member, or a friend is interested in our three or four year old program for the 2024-2025 academic year, please contact Mrs. Jayne O’Grady @ for additional information. 

Never complacent, we are always looking for ways to improve as a school community.  This year, we are focusing on strongly unifying all of our grades, growing our students closer to one another. This past summer, we have taken tangible steps to help all who populate or visit our school to visualize our shared goal. I encourage you to follow St. Mary’s Elementary School on our social media pages for updates on the progress we have made.  Or, if you are interested in a tour of our school, it would be wonderful to show you around our building. My e-mail address is

Finally, our teachers have spent a great deal of time this summer to evolve their curricula, focusing specifically on ELA and Math.  Our academic goal was to ensure cohesiveness and continuity throughout our entire building, so that our students will graduate from us prepared and ready for continued success in high school, free of gaps in their education. I am honored to serve with our staff, proud of all of their efforts - this summer and all year long - and am quite confident that we provide our students with an educational experience that is second to none. 


Thank you so much for reading a bit about our school; I hope to hear from you soon. 


Mr. Olejniczak