Mission Statement

Inspired by the vision and spirit of our founder, Saint John Neumann, St. Mary's Elementary School today continues the mission which was Neumann's: to provide excellence in Catholic education for the children of Lancaster, Depew, and the surrounding areas. Indeed, from the founding days of St. John Neumann in 1837 through the present, St. Mary's Elementary School has left to our community a strong legacy of graduates who have demonstrated a deep sense of love of God, country, neighbor, and family.

Today, St. Mary's Elementary School continues its commitment to foster in our students the ability of Gospel teachings to their world. We see as our mission the development of the complete Christ-like person - academically, spiritually, physically, morally, socially and emotionally. Moreover, through the constant support, presence, and commitment of our families combined with the dedicated efforts and care of our professional faculty and staff, we seek to develop students who combine an enthusiasm for learning and growth with a true respect for and dedication to the values of our community. Thus, the children educated at St. Mary's Elementary School, will take with them, into their future the faith, intelligence, responsibility, self-discipline, integrity, and compassion necessary to both serve and lead their fellow human beings.