Christian Witness Award

Christian Witness Awards are presented every month to a student in each homeroom who demonstrates Christ-like behavior to their classmates, teachers, other staff members or visitors. They are selected by their homeroom teachers based on behavior that the teacher observes throughout the month. The award is presented at the school mass on the first Friday of the month. As the student's name is read, the particular reason that the student was selected is also announced in order that they can be an example to the other students.


Pre-K - Bartkowiak
Jacob is polite, cooperative, and friendly and a great friend to everyone in our class.

Pre-K - O'Grady
Carson's enthusiasm to learn is contagious and he is always excited about anything we do.
Pre-K - Laidman
Gianna is friendly and considerate of others feelings. Her cheerfulness brightens the classroom each day.

Pre-K - Cronmiller
Dominic never hesitates to help a friend in need and we can always count on his contagious smile and laugh to brighten up our day!

Kindergarten - Michalek
Aah-liee-yah always has a smile on her face and never gives up!
1st - Marrano
Adeline is always willing to go that extra mile to do her best and give a helping hand to a friend.
2nd - Malachowski
Madison always comes to school with a positive attitude and is helpful and kind to all of her fellow classmates and teachers.
3rd - Cooper
Madeline's hard work and persistence are matched only by her kindness and generosity as each day passes.
4th - Brinkworth
Marin always strives to do the right thing and is quick to unselfishly seek justice when she sees a classmate in need.
5th - Pierce
Gabrielle comes to school each day with a smile and positive attitude, always willing to lend a helping hand and is a great role model for her peers.
6th - Farina
Ashleigh always comes to school ready to work with a smile on her face and is always volunteering to help anyone in need.
7th - Wojnar
Olivia has a persevering spirit, she raises up those that are down and encourages others.
7th - Misso 
Chris always presents a bright and bubbly personality, and shows caring concern towards family and friends.
8th - Trulin
Tim is a model of maturity, a witness of faith, is always willing to help, and is kind to the students and staff at SME.
8th - Morrella
Emily is a Christian Witness because she is always kind, generous and honest and gives her best effort in all she does.
Mr. Hunter is always willing to lend a hand when assistance is needed, during a school mass, dismissal or in any classroom. We couldn't ask for a better team player!