Christian Witness Award

Christian Witness Awards are presented every month to a student in each homeroom who demonstrates Christ-like behavior to their classmates, teachers, other staff members or visitors. They are selected by their homeroom teachers based on behavior that the teacher observes throughout the month. The award is presented at the school mass on the first Friday of the month. As the student's name is read, the particular reason that the student was selected is also announced in order that they can be an example to the other students.

April 2017

Pre-K - Laidman

Noah is very cooperative and he always tries to do his very best work.

Pre-K - Dutweiler

Edward is bright, caring, and loves to help out his friends in class.

Pre-K - Jones

Alex is a kind friend who is creative and fun to pretend play with and is helpful to his classmates and teachers; never waiting to be asked.  

Kindergarten - Michalek

Brayden is always willing to help in the classroom, starts each day with a smile, and is always excited to be in school.

1st - Marrano

Gianna is a great role model always helping everyone and always ready to learn! 

2nd - Malachowski

Ava is a hard working, determined student who shows cooperation and friendliness to teachers and fellow students alike.

3rd - Darling

Andrew sets a wonderful example in our classroom as he is respectful, kind, helpful, hardworking and always a good caring friend to all! 

4th - Brinkworth

Isabella smiles all the time and consistently has a positive attitude towards school and others. 

5th - Heater

Griffin is a natural leader who puts 100% effort into every task he attempts while being polite, respectful, and a great role model for his peers.

6th - Chudyk

Luke has shared many of his creative ideas enhancing both science class and preparation for Science Olympiad. 

6th - Wojnar

Blake demonstrates strong leadership skills, maturity, compassion toward others, and encourages his classmates in and outside of class! 

7th - Connors

Aidan is very polite and works hard during class, never having trouble doing what is asked of him and is always willing to help out. 

7th - Poepsel

Marco has a positive and outgoing attitude, always wishing his teachers a good day at dismissal and shows respect to all.

8th - Morrella

Samantha has a genuine love of learning and of friendship and life; carrying this spark that God gave us all within her and is never afraid to let it shine.     

Teacher - Mr. Kroll

For willingly stepping into an unexpected job, and doing an amazing job with the students both introducing and expanding their knowledge of technology.