St. Mary's Elementary Board of Trustees


A board of limited jurisdiction was formed in 2017 under the guidance of the Pastor of St. Mary of the Assumption Parish to support the mission of St. Mary's Elementary School.  Board members, also called Trustees, are volunteers who are appointed to serve a three year term.  

The Pastor, Rev. Paul Steller, is the ex-officio Chairperson of the Board.  The principal of the school, Mr. Glenn Olejniczak, and the parish business manager, Mr. Robert Over, are also ex-officio members of the Board. 

Board members include:

  • John Trojanowsky, President
  • Susan Lawkowski, Vice President
  • Arthur Herdzik, Secretary
  • Jeff Brown
  • Rosanne Faulhaber
  • Kathleen Horvatits
  • Paul Hurley
  • Debra Skok Watson
  • Sue Jacobs
  • Steven DeMarzio

The Board shall have responsibilities including, but not limited to:

  1. Creating policies that are consistent with the mission of the school and of the Diocese of Buffalo.
  2. Establishing annual goals and objectives that will enable the school to effectively execute its mission
  3. Developing and approving a long-range strategic plan for the school and evaluating and updating that plan on a regular basis
  4. Working collaboratively with Father Paul, the parish finance committee and the principal, along with the Diocese of Buffalo Department of Catholic Education in the preparation and adoption of a balanced budget annually
  5. Supporting the principal in the execution of her responsibilities. 

Handbooks, discipline codes, school rules, and the supervision of teaching staff, all fall under the responsibility of the school administration.