Student Council

Student Council is a student-based civic organization designed to help promote school spirit, socialization and leadership among students.  Elections are held each school year for new members.  An 8th grade student holds the office of President.  The offices of Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer can be held by any middle school student.  

The Student Council holds regular meetings and is involved in various school events.  It allows students to have a forum for their voices to be heard in our school.

Student Council Members:

President: Nicole Norton

Vice President: Ella Weber

Secretary: Madisyn Bashaw

Treasurer: Olivia Dobiesz

6th Grade Council: Ella S., Molly K., Olivia C., Kaylyn O., Ciara D.

7th Grade Council:  Andrew J, Rachel M, Jack H, Jocelyn J, Connor P

8th Grade Council: Olivia H, Kristina K, Lauren M, Ben H, Marten L.